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About us
-Group Introduction-
Shijiazhuang Yuhe Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a professional and modern manufacturer of disposable protective gloves. The company is located in Jinzhou City, Hebei Province. All staff of the company take laws and regulations as the criterion and meet the medical development and progress as their own responsibility, actively develop and occupy the market, adhere to the quality policy of "management according to law, quality first, customer first, reputation oriented", and provide customers with qualified products and satisfactory services.The company's management personnel, key positions, special positions and other key personnel should be highly educated, young, and have rich work experience. 
 The company is equipped with standardized laboratory and first-class testing equipment, so as to truly control the quality from the source. As soon as the products come into the market, they are highly concerned and praised by the people in the industry. They are more professional because of their concentration.Yuhe medical is inviting people with lofty ideals to join us with an open attitude. Let's witness the innovation and progress of the medical world together!
-Corporate Culture-
Management by law
> All staff of the company take laws and regulations as the criterion, and take meeting the development and progress of medical care as their duty.
Quality first
> The company is equipped with standardized laboratory and first-class testing equipment, so as to ensure the quality from the source.
Customer first
> Customer satisfaction is our driving force. Yuhe will provide customers with better products.
Credit based
> Strict quality inspection system, good faith cooperation, adhere to the most perfect products to customers, products once listed by the industry immediately high attention and praiset. 
-R & D InnovationGroup 
whole process quelity control quality service awareness system guarantee system
-Quality Control-
        Yuhe Medical Products  always lays quality control as the first priority, started from material purchasing and the whole link of product designing, research& development, manufacturing, selling and serving, based on ISO9001, ISO13485, ENISO13485, MDSAP ISO13485, QSR820, YY/T0287, JIST9116 and relevant laws and regulations, we operated quality control management system effectively and passed the system audits of China Inspection and Certification Evaluation Center CQC and Germany TUV.   In the aspect of product standard, we obtained product certification in medical apparatus and instruments and food of USA, the UN, Japan, Canada, etc.And we passed the product testing from famous international third-party product testing institutes such as TUV, SGS, South Germany TUV and so on, and we reached the international product standards including ASTM, CE, ISO, food hygiene and safety in Japan, etc.